Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wayne Gretzky, still great for blogging

Gretzky-OlympicDuring the pre-race show before last Sunday’s Daytona 500, I was surprised to see Wayne Gretzky among the accomplished athletes who were praising Jimmie Johnson for his accomplishment – he’s won the NASCAR Championship for five years in a row, thus totally dominating his sport. Wayne Gretzky said that Jimmy Johnson is “truly The Great One.”!

And then this week Wayne Gretzky showed up to surprise one of his more famous fans, Justin Bieber, and they played air hockey! You won’t believe the final score, definitely not what you would expect from The Great One.

I’m glad he’s out there, helping to promote the recent blog post I wrote about him ;)  Gretzky recently turned 50 and I used that occasion to consider whether we spend more time looking back at the good ole days or if we hope that the best is yet to come – a true Biblical principle. You can check it out at my Samaritan XP blog – Ken Symes on Wayne Gretzky’s birthday and the best is yet to come! Or if you’d prefer, here’s the video footage of Gretzky surprising Justin Bieber.

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