Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coffee, chocolate and Canada

If you have my kind of luck with Tim Hortons Roll-up-the-Rim, you might be happy to find out that Country Style will give you a free coffee for your “Please Play Again” rim tab. But only for this week. And only a medium coffee. Only one per day.sorry-try-again-country-style And only at participating locations. It’s actually a brilliant marketing strategy because they can actually get Timmies customers like me into their coffee shop instead. I’m going to look for one on my way to work tonight. But they are totally undermining the campaign with all the stupid conditions. Why only for one week? Why only a medium? Why only one per day? They could not afford to pay for the buzz that would be generated if they just got the word out that you can redeem your Timmies “Play Again” for a free coffee. If they had kept it simple they would’ve gotten a great response. Instead they’ve taken a good idea and pretty much ruined it. Sure, I’m going to try it out today because I’m a cheapskate.

You’ll want to think twice before having a chocolate donut or chocolate bar with your coffee. You won’t believe what I’ve been finding out about the dark side of chocolate. 15,000 slaves work in the cocoa jungles of Ivory Coast.Mars Caramel These are child slaves trafficked from other countries, especially poverty-stricken Burkino Faso.  They are part of the 200,000 children who work in cocoa production in Ivory Coast. They work with dangerous tools, for long hours and without pay. Most of these children will never go to school. Without their labour, we couldn’t enjoy our Mars, Snickers and Kit Kats. I think it’s time for Christians to stand up to the chocolate companies and call for reform, now. Please check out my blog posts or at least the video documentary I’ve included.
Giving up chocolate for Lent, maybe for life by Ken Symes
How should we respond to the bitter truth about chocolate? by Ken Symes

Finally, it’s a crazy mixed up week in Canadian politics. It looks as though the House of Commons is going to find the government to be in contempt of Parliament. Serious breach of protocol and it would be the first time it’s ever happened. Plus the budget. Plus all the election speculation. Baird sick with anger One thing is certain: House Leader John Baird is the perfect illustration for Ezekiel Bulver and Bulverism. If you’ve never read C.S. Lewis describing Ezekiel Bulver and Bulverism, you’ll want to check out the readings this week at Mere C.S. Lewis. Basically, Ezekiel Bulver does not really engage in true constructive argument or debate. In fact, he ruins debate. Instead of countering your points, Bulver attacks your personally, makes fun of you, tries to show everyone why YOU must be wrong. But Bulver never actually refutes your ideas. Lewis is concerned that Bulver represents the end of public discourse. A while ago I chose John Baird to be a poster representation of Ezekiel Bulver. And has he ever been true to form ever since I chose him! Yesterday as Michael Ignatieff calls the government to account for its contempt of Parliament, Bulver’s response, I mean, Baird’s response was to question how Ignatieff could know what he was talking about since he lived outside of the country?!? No courage. No counterpoint. No attempt to prove his opponent wrong, just plain character assassination. 1 for Bulver, 0 for Canada. Check out: Why Ezekiel Bulver assumes you’re wrong by C.S. Lewis.

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