Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Eric Church, are you sure about Tom & Jerry?

Country music stations have been reporting that country music singer Eric Church has banned the old Tom & Jerry cartoons from his house. Yeah, I know that sounds strange and certainly not newsworthy, but, seriously, this is the kind of thing that they talk about on country music stations. It’s a big deal that the country singer behind the song “Sinners Like Me” has banned Tom & Jerry in his house.

Eric Church says, “I love Tom and Jerry, right? And what you don’t realize when you watch Tom and Jerry… with your 2-year-old and you see Tom take an axe and try to hit Jerry, and Jerry blow up Tom, you don’t understand, he doesn’t get it.”

“So then all of the sudden, Boone’s pulling my hair, slapping me, hitting Katherine,” the singer adds. “And I’m trying to figure out (how) in one week I’ve lost control of this child.”

Really? Then the radio station adds, “After tracing back their activities, Church and his wife realized something: Boone learned those behaviors from ‘Tom and Jerry.’” 

OK, point taken, but, listen up, Eric. I’m a few years ahead of you in this whole fatherhood thing. When you and I were kids and we watched Tom & Jerry every morning before we went to school and guess what? We didn’t go around slapping kids, hitting the teacher or running with an axe to try to hit our parents. Chill, man. Explain it to the boy. Maybe listening to good ole Tom sing a mighty fine country song will help you chill. What a classic! Here’s to Tom & Jerry.

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