Sunday, December 12, 2010

Canada’s Winter Wonderland: Double Double

Winter has come on real strong in Alberta, the Maritimes and parts of Ontario with unusually high amounts of snow.  In less than a week, London received over 74cm, Alliston 83cm and an incredible 177cm in Lucan, Ontario! Oddly enough, most of the Greater Toronto Area didn’t receive hardly any snow, we were just surrounded by it. In the following video news clip, I was impressed by this very Canadian way of contrasting the amount of snow in Alliston versus the Durham region, east of Toronto, where I live. novideo

It’s going to be a better winter in the far north of Canada. Tim Hortons opened its first stores in our northernmost territory, Nunavut.IQALUIT: DECEMBER 3, 2010 -- IQALUIT TIMMIE'S -- Inukshuk and Michael use a traditional ulu knife to cut the ribbon and open the Iqaluit Timmie’s locations while flanked by Tim Hortons and North West Company management, associated charity heads and other dignitaries. Now Tim Hortons is in all 13 provinces and territories of Canada.

With Winter comes Christmas and for some that means stress, disappointment and grief. At Mere C.S. Lewis, I’ve been running quotes from his book A Grief Observed. I’ll be resuming the quotes from that book this week. I expanded one of these C.S. Lewis quotes with some of my own thoughts at Samartian XP, As empty as a Monday morning church: the grieving heart. I tried to find as much cheer and delight as I can throughout the season.

Did you already hear about what happened to poor Rudolph? A couple of weekends ago, during a Christmas parade in Virginia, a mega balloon Rudolph got taken out my a red light! Enjoy this great video with a Canadian humour track, and please don’t miss the irony of Rudolph being taken out by a red light!

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