Friday, December 3, 2010

Ken Symes’ true coffee confession

I don’t sleep much these days. I NEED coffee. Sometimes I’m desperate for coffee. I gotta have it and I gotta love it. I’m as Canadian as can be so, of course, I drink Tim Hortons coffee (double double, even!). But I must confess to everyone now: sometimes I even drink McDonalds coffee—and like it!

McDonalds coffee appeals to my inner Scotsman. It costs LESS money, tastes good, and they’ll give me a muffin for only 20 cents with my coffee that costs LESS than a Timmies! Wow! What a great deal! But then, they went further… their coffee was FREE for the last couple weeks! Yes, FREE coffee! How could I resist? Barely seen Timmies for two weeks now, except for the occasional opportunity to get a donut for 49 cents with my coffee.

Too many donuts and muffins. Gotta get back to just coffee…


Blogs Update


Wow! I’m loving the great reaction I got to my blog post on PEI scrapping their remaining restrictions on Sunday openings of stores. I used the story as an opportunity to explore the meaning of Sabbath, rest, the significance of Sunday and the challenge for Christians to live Christianly everyday. I’d still love to have more people weigh in on that discussion.

Monday Morning Church But my favourite blog posting this week was one I did at Mere C.S. Lewis, matching up a great music video by Alan Jackson called Monday Morning Church with a reading by Lewis from his book A Grief Observed. Both the song and the reading present a husband grieving over the death of his wife. I was amazed by how well the two mediums blended and personally felt the impact multiplied by reviewing them together. As Lewis says later in the book, “You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth or falsehood becomes a matter of life and death to you” (A Grief Observed, 20-21).
Heart used to be full of faith, now it only hurts

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