Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to cross without the bridge

Last week, during heavy rain, the people of Quinan, Nova Scotia were evacuated from their homes. Five days later, they were allowed to return home to visit, but there were concerns about the only bridge leading into their community. I am even more concerned about the solution to this problem!
One powerful approach to sharing the gospel is an illustration called The Bridge, but we may be guilty of assuming that this bridge will hold more weight than it can, even though it’s been flooded over by postmodernism. It may be time to learn how to share the cross without the bridge. A while ago, at Samaritan XP, I reviewed The Bridge and showed a new approach to sharing the Christian faith. See what you think: The Bridge to Nowhere by Ken Symes.

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  1. It would appear from the picture/video that the pedestrian bridge is doing what it is supposed to...it stretches across and is solid on each side at the ends...what it is placed upon may fall away...but the bridge itself is on a solid foundation. To put it in evangelistic terms...many of the so called tools we use are easily washed away and in turn fall away...but the core message, the Gospel itself is what is firmly anchored and not able to be washed away. The key difference is that the Gospel spans but the tools we invent to deliver the Gospel are themselves achored within the gap itself. This is a fundamental difference because one has the power and strength on its own to span and the other needs constant supports.