Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tim Hortons coffee: Not just for Conservatives!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper takes a sip of his hot chocolate while visiting a Tim Horton's in Oakville, Ontario on Wednesday September 23, 2009. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn I was worried when I started reading an article in The Globe and Mail titled, “Does the Tim Hortons crowd really vote Tory?” Eric Grenier begins the article claiming that, “The Tim Hortons crowd is a blue collar bunch. They like their taxes low, the government out of their face and their leaders the kind you could have over for a beer. And, of course, they vote Conservative. Right?” Here, Ken Symes is thinking, “There is nothing right about this!”

Thankfully, “Analysis shows one’s double-double desire has no bearing on party preference”! And what an analysis it was! I found the article to be fascinating and the research done to support it to be very intriguing.


“Polls have shown there is absolutely nothing that connects coffee preference to political ideology. The relevant poll conducted by Harris-Decima in 2009 showed that the proportion of Liberal, New Democratic, and Conservative voters who preferred Tim Hortons to Starbucks were virtually identical for each party.”

Canadian (Conservative) Defence Minister Peter MacKay on a Tim Hortons coffee break with US (Republican) Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Pictou, Nova Scotia, 2006 Let me share a great quote with you that I heard this week from a Republican campaign spokesperson. In the state of New York, the 60th District, Niagara County, they are still re-counting ballots on a very close race that could unseat the incumbent Democratic Senator, but, in fact, the Republican candidate is actually a registered Democrat who happens to have the support of the Republican and independent voters. Anyhow, Doug Curella, a spokesperson from that guy’s campaign said, “I’ve had more cups of Tim Horton’s coffee than I’ve had hours of sleep!” Oh, I know that feeling!

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