Saturday, November 13, 2010

I’ve got a good feeling about this!

It’s always amazing to see someone do what looks like it would be impossible. In this case, Wheel of Fortune contestant Caitlin Burke solves a puzzle long before anyone else would think it possible! Long before! How about after just one letter on a 7-word puzzle? Now that’s amazing! Look at the reaction of the guy to the left!

After all those years of watching this show to try to connect with my father who loved it, it’s cool to tune in one more time via a youtube viral video just to see someone do a solve in what looks like an impossibly soon situation. Sorry Dad, it won’t be your son, Ken Symes, doing the miracle solve on Wheel of Fortune, instead it’s a friendly outgoing New York girl, Caitlin Burke. Way to go, Caitlin! I’ve got a good feeling about this!
P.S. The New York Post did a nice follow-up interview if you’d like to know more: ‘Wheely’ Fortunate.

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