Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tim Hortons and Canada’s Wheel of Fortune

49¢ donuts are back at Tim Hortons. Purchase any size coffee (or some other beverage!?!) and you can get your choice of a donut for only 49¢. Yes, the Tempt Ken Symes with a Donut campaign has returned! This is way too tempting! I try so hard to stick to just the coffee, well, just the double double coffee. Why must they tempt me? And such a great ad too! The Wheel of Donuts is the most clever Canadianization of an American icon (ie. Wheel of Fortune) ever!

P.S. Back in September Macleans ran the article “Tim Hortons’ extra-large trouble trouble” which was all about how store owner Archibald Jollymore and other store owners were bringing a $1.95-billion class action lawsuit against Paul D. House (President) and Tim Hortons. The store owners claim that Tim Hortons is making them pay increasingly more for their donuts and thus eating into their profit margins. The group of store owners are largely loyal to former Tim Hortons President Ron Joyce and opposed to the overall approach of current Tim Hortons President Paul House. Even though the court hearing was scheduled for November, I have been unable to find out any new information on the case. Makes me think that Tim Hortons has settled out of court to make it go away. After all they were going to expose the secret that “Always Fresh” does not mean what you think it means. See my previous post.

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